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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Thank You, Apartment Therapy SF


decor8 said...

Hello Leah,

This is Holly from decor8. I live in NH too, in Hollis actually. I also live in Germany, but I'll be back in Hollis next weeks for 5 months. Are you part of any creative groups in NH?

Anyway, I just found your work today via Facebook, pinkcomma sent me an invite to tonight's event but I cannot make it since I'm about 4,000 miles away. But I wish you a lovely night.


Leah said...

Hi Holly,

Thanks so much for your message. NH and Germany, huh? I'd love to hear how that came to be. I grew up in NH (between Concord and Sunapee) and although I return often to visit my parents, I based in Boston now.

The only creative connection I have these days to NH (other than my parents who are both artists) is that I've started showing with Nahcotta in Portsmouth. I was in their Enormous Tiny Art show this past September and will do it again this coming February and then I have a two person show lined up with them in July (I guess you'll be gone again by then).

Sorry you can't make it tonight. I really enjoy your blog and would love to say hello in person.

One of these days.